Our Future

The San Diego Zoo is carrying the roar forward into our next 100 years, with big plans and the audacious vision of fighting to end extinction. So—what’s next?

A New Exhibit That Reaches From Savanna to Sea

The San Diego Zoo's immediate future includes a major project that's already underway: Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks. This spectacular, eight-acre exhibit complex will transform an entire section of the Zoo, replacing the 1930s-era exhibits in Dog and Cat Canyon.

Africa Rocks will showcase Africa's diverse habitats, from kopjes and woodlands to highland savanna, tropical forest, and rocky shoreline. The distinctive wildlife that calls these areas home will be the stars: rock hyrax and klipspringers, baboons, leopards and vervet monkeys, sociable weavers and sunbirds, several species of lemurs, and—returning to the Zoo since the 1970s—African penguins. Africa rocks will include a spectacular, state-of-the-art habitat for a large flock of endangered African penguins.

This expansive African wildlife experience opens in 2017, kicking off the San Diego Zoo's next 100 years!

Leading the Fight

Our goal at San Diego Zoo Global is to engage and inspire people worldwide to help us end extinction. While conservation challenges of the 21st century are unprecedented, our reach and science-based dedication are undaunted. San Diego Zoo Global is leading the fight against extinction by taking a leadership role and collaborating with others. Thanks to our partners, members, and supporters, we work on over 130 conservation projects in more than 35 countries. Our generous donors have helped to reintroduce 43 species to the wild: 16 mammal species, 19 bird species, and 8 species of reptiles and amphibians.

Through our conservation work, we hope to create a future in which people and wildlife can thrive together. Through San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy, those who also love and want to protect wildlife are providing vital funds, actions, and advocacy that make a difference on behalf of wildlife. Together, we will forge a better future!

The Next Generation of Wildlife Lovers & Conservationists

When Dr. Harry Wegeforth started the San Diego Zoo in 1916, he dedicated it to the children of San Diego. Today, in our digitally connected world, the San Diego Zoo can reach around the globe. In the spirit of Dr. Wegeforth’s enthusiasm for wildlife education, now the San Diego Zoo is dedicated to the children of the world.

San Diego Zoo Kids is the fascinating, fun, and exciting way that children can experience the San Diego Zoo wherever they are. The lively and colorful website provides animal information, a look behind the scenes at the workings of the Zoo, photos and videos, and engaging activities. San Diego Zoo Kids channel, the newest outreach, is a closed-circuit television network that provides San Diego Zoo programs for children's hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. It includes great animal stories, interviews with animal keepers, live feeds from our animal cams, and special shows designed just for this channel.

San Diego Zoo Kids channel launched in seven locations in 2014, and is now on its way across the nation. Research shows that kids feel better when they watch these animal programs. Helping kids feel better and go home sooner, plus inspiring the next generation of wildlife lovers, is what San Diego Zoo Kids is all about.

A Campaign to Help the Zoo Roar Forward Into the Next 100 Years

Nearly 100 years ago in fall 1916, the roar of a lion inspired a local physician, Dr. Harry Wegeforth, to create the San Diego Zoo. While we celebrate a century of connecting people with wildlife in 2016, we are also looking ahead to our future with largest fund-raising campaign in our history: Roaring Forward. As we step into our second century, the goal is to raise $400 million by the close of 2017 to help the Zoo lead the fight against extinction—and what’s remarkable is that we are already close to $300 million.

We have three calls to action that guide our vision to End Extinction:

  • Ignite a passion for wildlife in every child
  • Grow the Zoo’s worldwide leadership in animal and plant care as well as exhibition
  • Save critically endangered species for future generations with local and global partners

Life Happens Here

Learn more about our Roaring Forward campaign and find out how you can help!

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